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We are KM Music.

We specialise in artist services in the music industry & digital services including custom web design, content strategy and digital campaigns.


→ Release campaigns
→ Project management
→ Social media management
→ Product management
→ Project consultancy
→ Pre-production & travel planning



Hire us to plan & run your project.

We offer tailor-made, project-based artist services such as planning and managing release campaigns, tour production and promotion, social media management, content strategy & creation, and more. We have extensive experience in many aspects of the music industry and can help you plan and successfully execute your album production, release, e-commerce strategy, or world tour.

Our individual careers have taken us around the globe. We look back to over 2’000 shows in more than 50 countries and a distinguished discography including chart-topping albums. We’ve developed artists from the very beginning to international recording and touring careers, have managed six-figure merchandising e-commerce stores, and — perhaps most importantly — have racked up thousands of hours and priceless experience as musicians and road crew. Whatever it is you need help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will help directly or connect you to someone who can.

Online stores
Social media management
Digital content
SEO optimisation


What We Do


Web Design

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Music industry focus


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We are small music industry & digital services company with global capacity based in London, England and Winterthur, Switzerland—although our travels and our work take us around the world 365 days per year. We offer tailor-made, project-based artist services as well as comprehensive web design and digital services.

Our journey began on a tour bus, somewhere between well over 2'000 shows in over 50 countries between the two founders Kate Piatkowska and Merlin Sutter. We founded our company after many years of musicianship, professional employment, and entrepreneurship in the music industry: drumming, mixing sound, tour managing, production managing, booking flights and buses and vans and ships and hotels, selling merch, accounting, advancing, negotiating, traveling and generally pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps. We always liked to take things into our own hands, and so out of finding our own path and advising and helping artist we travelled with, our company was born.

Since 2013, we have provided artist management and merchandising e-commerce services, developing thorough hands-on experience in building artists from the ground up to international recording and touring careers. We are at home both in the back office, managing tours and releases, and at the front lines on the road and in the studio. Having run successful online stores including everything from warehousing and fulfilment to software development and server management for clients including Eluveitie, Coroner, Wintersun and Blues Pills from 2012 to 2017 has provided us with in-depth experience and a thorough understanding of merchandising and direct-to-fan sales.

In 2018, Kate & Merlin joined AISA Music to head their newly established UK office. Our artist management clients have moved with us, leaving KM Music laser-focused on providing project-based services.

Whether you're looking for a one-off consultation or a specific campaign or project, or if you require more tailor-made expertise, feel free to get in touch.


Merlin Sutter describes himself as a heavy-hitting drummer, beard apostle, road warrior, and entrepreneur; he is also an avid web development & photography enthusiast. The recipient of a prestigious Swiss Music Award has found success as a musician at a young age when he joined Switzerland’s most successful metal band to date, Eluveitie, fresh out of high school. Having left that band after 12 years, 7 albums (including significant charts success) and numerous world tours on 6 continents, he is currently the drummer of the Swiss Progressive Rock band Cellar Darling. Perpetually looking for new challenges and never satisfied, he learnt the ropes in all aspects of his career over the years, from performing to recording to live production and business administration. In his spare time (spare time?!) he has gained experience in web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP) and programming (Java) and is currently working to complete his degree in Computing & IT and Business. 🧙


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